why pray?

prayer is a conversation and it helps us to realize our need for God

I believe that there is power in prayer. I love praying for people, in fact I believe it is one of my spiritual gifts. But I find it difficult to pray. I don’t wake up every morning thinking of how I can spend some quiet time with my creator.  It doesn’t come natural. Prayer is a discipline. I make time to pray, because otherwise I will forget it in the busyness of my everyday life. But it is not a ritual that I force myself to participate in, before going to bed.

I think there are two reasons prayer is vital:

1. Prayer is a conversation. In every relationship, communication is key. Although He knows every thought that runs through my mind, He longs to hear me speak.  Sometimes it is eloquent; sometimes it’s only a few words. Regardless, he listens. Just like a loving father, he wants to scoop you up in His arms and listen to everything you have to say. He wants to be your Provider. He wants to be your Healer. Just ask Him. And when you have a heart to hear from God, you will hear Him speak. It may not be an audible sound, often times it feels like an impression in your spirit or even your own voice or thought. So don’t just do all the talking, listen.

2. Prayer reminds me that I am in need of God. Today we are taught and encouraged from a young age to be independent and autonomous. It is easy to fall into the trap of self sufficiency. Therefore I pray, so that I may not lean on my own understanding but trust and rely on God alone. I need Him to teach me how to love my family. I need His grace to know how to forgive others. I need Him, every moment of every day!

So pray. Pray not as a last resort, but let it be your first response. Not out of obligation but because you’ve come to the realization that without Him, you are nothing and apart from Him, you can do nothing.

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