To my fellow mamas,

a mothers life changes as soon as she is pregnant. as much your world revolves around the child, so does your child.  the child's best friend and playmate..their world is mama!When you become a mother, your entire world changes. What you eat, what you wear, where you go, how you sleep …all of it is dictated by this tiny new baby growing inside of you. To an extent you even lose control of your own body. After the baby is born, your world continues to change. Driving to soccer practices and recitals, planning birthday parties and vacations, balancing work schedules and date nights, everything is really about them. It can get overwhelming! At times, it can even be frustrating until you stop and think about it from your child’s perspective. Their whole world is new and the center of it all is the person ┬áthat feeds them, bathes them, laughs with them, reads to them and rocks them to sleep. You are their world. They want to make you smile, tell you everything (over and over), make you proud, be as close to you as humanly possible, even in the most inconvenient of times. Your voice makes them smile, your face lights up their day. You are their everything. You..yes, YOU! You are tired, imperfect, impatient, disoragnized…a hot mess! But to them, you are not defined by those things you do/say or didn’t do/say. You are MAMA ! So don’t beat yourself up with guilt and shame! Just breathe,hug those babies tight and keep going one day at a time. You got this MAMA!

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