Name it and claim it

even when we are frustrated, it is important to call out the potential in our kids instead of name calling.


Galatians 4: 7

 “So you are no longer a slave, but God’s child; and since you are his child, God has made you also an heir.”

As moms we get to help our children form their identity that will shape who they become in the future.  Often times, even as adults, we see ourselves and believe the words that were spoken over us from when we were young. We have to be careful not to call our kids selfish, stupid or lazy, even if there are moments  of frustrations and even when they act that way. Imagine if God calls us based on our behavior or how he felt at a moment about us.

God sees the potential He has placed inside of us and calls out that truth. He looked at Abram , meaning father, and calls him Abraham-father of many nations. Jacob, meaning cheater, even when he cheats, God calls him Israel, meaning prince. God sees us- every part of us- and He still calls us His. His child. His very own.

Let us strive daily to claim our children for the Lord and call out the potential God has placed in them.

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