How to live positive everyday!

It is hard to live positive in a negative world. Whether it’s current events on the news or social media, it is easy to see that our world is not exactly a positive, happy place. In fact it is a pretty broken and sad place. As chrisitans we know this is because sin entered the world and we are not OF the world but we must live in this world , meaning we will see and experience the negative stuff-the pain, the hurt, the sickness. Also as Christians we have hope and peace through all of the negative stuff  because we have Jesus and we long for a better place where there is no pain or sickness or tears.  But today we are talking about how can we live positive here in this world with all the negative around us.  Because if we are not carefully the negative around us can creep inside of us and impact the way we parent and all of other relationships in our life.


In this video, I share with you the one thing I do that has helped my mind be more positive everyday. Your mind is a very powerful thing.  In Proverbs we read, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he!” so positive living starts with a positive mind.


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