I love makeup! I am pretty much a lipstick junkie. I love trying new lipsticks and I am a huge fan of liquid lipsticks. My fav brands of liquid lipsticks include Dose of Colors, Gerard cosmetics, NYX cosmetics and Colourpop. I had heard and seen so much about Lipsense and I knew I had to get my hands on it.

What was my first impression?

I chose the color honey rose and it is beautiful. The hint of orange in this shade really compliments the warm tones of my brown skin. I wasn’t a fan of the applicator. It didn’t get the product on my lips evenly, and with Lipsense you can’t really blend the product. My lips are naturally pigmented so it took quite a few layers to get a good color pay off, because each layer you apply is pretty thin. It definetly took some getting used to for me to actually learn to apply it properly. At first it would dry and flake off and not last on my lips as the product guarantees. Well, I found out that this was because my lips were dry and needed to be exfoliated. So after exfoliating my lips and shaking the bottle, the application was better and the product lasted longer. I did need to use the Lipsense clear gloss (which I am obsessed with at the moment). So, if you are new to lipsense you actually need to read the directions prior to use (unlike me) and be persistent because it is not like all the other liquid lipsticks on the market.

Me wearing Honeyrose


Would I recommend it?

So I am not a gloss girl. I have full lips and I have never liked the way gloss made my lips look. I live in Oklahoma (where the wind comes sweeping down the plain…) but for real, my hair and everything else will stick to my lips when I wear gloss. But I LOVE this particular gloss. It is a genius formula and I would HIGHLY recommend it. Paying that  much for gloss may sound dumb, but it is so much more than a gloss. This product truly feels like a moisturizer for your lips ( we all need that). Unlike most glosses, it doesn’t feel like it is just sitting on top of my lips. It doesn’t feel sticky or look wet. It doesn’t move the product when I apply it over lipsticks.  Sometimes I avoid wearing gloss because it decreases the wear of my lipstick and transfers onto everything. Not this lip gloss. Seriously, this formula is the perfect balance! The application is simple too! Ladies, I am totally obsessed with this product by Lipsense and it is the one product you have been missing in your makeup bag all this time!  So get it today Www.senegence.com/kristenqualls

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