Christmas traditions you can start today!

I love the holiday season and I can’t believe Christmas is almost here y’all. Everyone has different things they like about the holidays, but it is usually wrapped around some sort of a tradition. There are activities and rituals we tend to remember when we think back on the holidays, because we did it every year. These are traditions, whether it was something small or  something unique to your family. But tradition is more than mere repetition. Traditions are shared meaningful moments. That is why you remember them, because you have emotions attached those specific moments. When I think about all the past holidays I have celebrated, I rarely remember all the gifts I got, but I remember being together in the kitchen, eating, laughing and cooking. One of my favorite memories about Christmas was every year my Uncle Sam would load up all the cousins in his van, drive to Braum’s so we can get eggnog shakes and we would go look at lights-it was the best! These shared moments cultivate a sense of closeness and carve memories that you remember for a lifetime. That is why I am so excited to start my own family traditions with my 2 littles. Your traditions can evolve or change as your kids age, because it needs to meaningful to them.  It can be fun, simple, inexpensive or you can go big.


Here are a few ideas, specifically for Christmas:

christmas traditions to start with your kids today


As you read through the list, I am sure some things popped out more than others. Well I hope you will try those out. Find out what works best for your family and what they find to be most meaningful. It’s time to create some shared moments and new family traditions. I know the holidays can be chaotic and you don’t want to add one more thing to the plate. But these small activities can become familiar family rituals that turn into life long memories. And remember, traditions have to be consistent to become traditions, so keep it up!

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