What is the big deal about Christmas?

the true meaning of Christmas

There are many things, both good and bad, that can distract us from the true meaning of Christmas.  We all know how commercialism and materialism can creep into the human heart around this time of year, even family traditions begun with the best intentions can compete for our affection and attention during the Christmas season.  Christmas is so much more than getting together with family and friends, trees, ornaments and gifts. As Christians we know Jesus is the reason for the season, but even we can lose sight as we focus on the nativity scene. We see the tiny baby Jesus lying in a manger with His cute, chubby little body. But remember that tiny little body would soon grow up to be whipped, nailed and hung on a cross to die for the sins of the world. This is the simple gospel. This is the true meaning of Christmas, that Christ came.

Love came…

Hope came…

Joy came…

Peace came…

The Light of the world came …

to the darkest, ugliest, loneliest, broken part of your life so that now…

You can come as sons & daughters.

What a big deal that is!

He could’ve repaid us for all the mistakes and all the times we ran the opposite way, but He doesn’t.

He could’ve been happy with multitudes of angels worshipping Him 24/7 in heaven, but He wasn’t.

He could’ve just wiped the whole slate clean and started over, but He didn’t.

The Bible says in John 3:16, “For God so loved the world that gave His only Son.

God looked down from Heaven and saw us in the worst conditions of our lives, covered in the ugliness of of our sin and shame and shaking our fists in rebellion against Him and He loved us anyway. He loved us enough to empty Himself and become a helpless baby. And I LOVE that He was born in a tiny, remote, filthy stable in Bethlehem and not in a castle surrounded by beauty and splendor.

Because Christ came for the sick

the lost

the forgotten

the rejected

the wretched

the sinful

What a big deal that is!

I love Jesus’ birth announcement by the angels in Luke 2:10, “I bring you good news that will bring great joy to all people.” The good news. The gospel. This is the meaning of Christmas. You can’t understand the true meaning of celebrating a baby in a manger without seeing the Savior on the cross. Jesus was born to die so that you can live with Him in eternity.

What a big deal that is, indeed!

jesus is the reason for the season

Merry Christmas, friend!


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