I Am Not devotional book is available now!

Are you tired of struggling with your identity and settling for a lesser version of you?

Are you ready to erase the stories that culture teaches about women and tell a different story?

Are you willing to change not just your mindset but the way you live?

Then “I AM NOT” is for you.

This devotional study book is:

  • designed for the busy everyday woman
  • filled with Biblical truths and personal stories
  • written in a conversational style that is easy to read and understand
  • packed with practical applications with space for reflection, prayer prompts, and thought provoking questions

In a world full of voices that constantly try to define and categorize us, it is easy to have a crisis of identity.  Culture has its own assumptions or half truths that we call stereotypes that can easily make its way into our lives and control the way we perceive ourselves and others. It is time for us to change the narrative that culture says about women by becoming a different kind of woman. So, we rise up, tearing off labels declaring to the world “I am not!”

In this devotional study we will identify eight common stereotypes about women in our culture: The world says, “Women are… manipulative, gossips, cliquey, too emotional, always comparing, naïve, weak, and overwhelmed.” We will look at the lives of eight women mentioned by name in the Bible who struggled with these same issues. Then we will learn practical and actionable steps that you can take at the end of every chapter to help you break free and become the woman God designed you to be.

“I can see this being something I come back to and read a couple times a year as a good reminder about some of the daily struggles we have as women and how we are to handle them from a Biblical perspective.” 
-Hannah Schmitt

“Simi uses excellent examples from Scripture to help us dig deep inside ourselves, to see past our insecurities, and to become the women God has called us to be.”
-Kelly Hellmuth

“I love so much how these words speak directly to my heart. This devotional is going to help so many! It’s evident how God has worked through Simi to create this!”
-Amy Talbert

Watch this short book trailer that explains the message behind "I Am Not" 
(video created by Samson Varughese)