3 types of people you need in your life

The people you surround yourself with influence who you become, your values and your choices. In life you meet so many people, some come and go, a few remain. These few make connections that are sometimes seasonal, because of the different phases in life, and others are lifers. No matter where you are in life, these are the 3 types of people you need to have a happy, balanced and successful life.

Mentor: It is so important to have someone who is older and wiser in your life to teach you from their life experience. I think we get hung up on being friends with people who are just like us, in the same phase of life and facing the same struggles. Here is the truth, talking to them almost always turns into a gripe fest. Don’t get me wrong, it is therapeutic to vent, but venting is not enough to have healthy relationships. Talking to someone who has already  gone through that journey, overcome that hurdle or achieved that goal can offer you a perspective that is truly going to help you.  These people need to know your future aspirations, and goals. When choosing mentor/s, find people who have achieved success in areas where you  are striving for success whether it is carreer, personal finance, physical health, parenting or spiritual life.

Accountability partner: Let’s face the truth, we are not perfect, but we want to try our best to be better than we were yesterday. We want to make better choices in life and that is what accountability partners do! These people need to know your past (your struggles and failures) and hold you accountable so you don’t repeat history. You need honest, truth-telling, bold friends. People who care enough to step on your toes because they care more about your future than your happiness. These are the people that will keep you focused on your goals and remind you of your values. Especially in your spiritual walk, these people will hold you to a higher standard of righteousness and help you find God’s grace and forgiveness.

Friend: In the world of social media Facebook says you have 4000 friends and Instagram calls you an “influencer” because you get hundreds of likes on your pictures, yet there is more depression and loneliness than ever. We were created for community: real, authentic and genuine relationships with people, not a screen. This is your inner most circle; the most intimate out of the three mentioned here. This is the space where you can be honest and real. These are the people that are aware of your present everyday mundane life, but still don’t think you’re insane and they want to stick around :)This is your support system of loyal and devoted friends who look after you, laugh with you, pray for you and cry with you.


Life is not meant to be lived out alone.  We all need each other. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work! You need a good mentor to coach you, accountability partner to be your cheerleader on the sidelines and friends who are beside you on the field to cover and run with you.

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