3 tips for when your kid wants to go #2, but can’t!

This is real talk, ladies! We are talking about constipation! My daughter is a picky eater, she doesn’t get all the fiber and vitamins she needs everyday, to help her digestive system work efficiently. Some days are good, other days are stressful. So constipation is an issue that we talk about quite often at our house. Although she was potty trained, going #2 was always painful for her that she wanted to wear a pull-up to do her business. She would cry, stomp and it took forever. It would break my heart to watch her be in pain for something that should be so natural. So I want to share with you some tips that we tried that helped her go #2 in the potty and without pain!

  1. Apple juice with a table spoon of olive oil. When I know she is trying to go #2, and she makes that struggle face, I will give her this and it just helps her go without it being too painful.
  2. Go-gurt. Thank you to whoever invented this product. I have been trying to give her yogurt in every shape and form, until we tried it one day at McDonald’s and she became addicted to it. So we did 2 things, lowered her milk intake which was contributing to the constipation and added 1 package of Go-gurt to her lunch bag. This literally made her poop on the daily, which was huge for her.  Thank you Jesus!
  3. Fruit smoothie.  My mom started making this fruit smoothie for her (which sometimes she freezes into popsicle-molds, which is perfect for summer) for times when she hadn’t gone #2 for a few days. Its easy! You need 1 mango diced , 4-5 strawberries, 4 prunes, add some milk (you can substitute with apple juice or even yogurt) and put it in a blender, TA DA- the magic concoction to cure your child’s constipation. (I love alliteration) But seriously it works!

I am always looking for natural home remedies and these work for my daughter. Obviously, I am not a medical doctor or pediatrician, just a momma sharing tips. Also, Go-gurt didn’t pay me to mention them in this post, I wish they did 🙂


Happy pooping!

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