2 things to pray over your children before the new school year

Parenting is one of the hardest things you do as an adult. You are responsible for another life and every decision you make has an impact on that life. Yet there is no manual that tells you how to get it right. And it feels like this world is getting worse and there is more violence,abuse, bullying and suicide. So this gig is not getting any easier!

My 4 year old will start pre-k this week, and I am nervous, though she is beyond excited. I have been thinking about how to pray for her (and myself) as she prepares for this new chapter in her life. The Bible doesn’t say much about Jesus as a kid. The Bible just says “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man”

So lets pray for those 2 things:

1.Wisdom: It seems like the obvious thing we ought to pray for, right? We want our kids to be smart. But wisdom goes beyond making good grades and GPAs. Wisdom is more than gaining knowledge or memorizing information. Our children need wisdom to make good life choices, pick the right friends and be light in this dark world. James 1:5 says “If any of you lack wisdom,let him ask…” So we need to ask God for this gift of wisdom to be upon our children. Over and over again in scripture we see it written, “The fear of the Lord Is the beginning of Wisdom” The fear that is mentioned here is not defined as scared or afraid rather honor and respect that comes from having a relationship deeply rooted in love. It is the fear of the Lord that will help our children want to live Holy lives that honor Him. When I was growing up, God protected me from a lot of mistakes, heartbreaks and plain stupid things that my friends were going through. I didn’t need experience to teach me. God granted me wisdom, to make the right choices to stay in the right path, through His word and my parents’ prayers. I truly believe that! So we don’t need to just sit back and “let them be kids and let them live and learn.” Because the devil is not sitting back, idle. No, he is moving in on the next generation to steal their identity, to kill their purpose and to destroy their future. So we as parents must rise up and stand in the gap to fight.

2. Favor: It is one of those things like grace and mercy. It is hard to define and impossible to deny. Favor opens doors that we could never knock down and grants us opportunities beyond our wildest dreams. It puts us in the right place, at the right time, with the right people. Favor is a God thing, for sure! ┬áIt was the favor of the Lord that was with Joseph in the prison, and brought him into the palace to be second in command. It was the favor of the Lord that caused Esther to be selected queen so she could save an entire race of people. It was the favor of God that helped Daniel to be ten times better than his peers. Our kids need God’s favor to take them to places no scholarship, or GPA, or we as parents can take them. They need favor to have the right influence, whether it be teachers or friends that will speak truth and life into them. It is His favor that is going to cause them to fulfill their God given purpose in His time.

My prayer:

Lord, I thank you that children are a gift from You. I thank you that you have entrusted this gift to me. As much as I love and plan for my child’s future, You love them more and You have etched the plans You have for them in the palms of Your hands. So I surrender my child into Your almighty, sovereign hands. I pray Your wisdom and favor to be upon Moriah. As she starts this new school year, I invite you into every part of it. May Your wisdom guide her and Your favor guard her everyday. Grant Moriah wisdom to know who she is and let Your favor help her live out Your purpose. May she bring you glory and honor and always put you first! Show yourself off in and through her life, Amen!





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